Kilim from the region of Bayburt

This about more than half a century old Kilim has been woven completely out of wool. Its main colors are camel-brown and rosé. On the main field of the kilim three rows of diamonds are located whereat the outer ones seem to bigger, than the ones in de middle. On the right and on the left side you can also find this diamond-pattern, but in this case it has been truncated. The border of the kilim consists out of several strips. The inner parts of the main pattern has been picked up agein, the outer ones form the comb-motive.
Anatolian / Turkish Kilim
Origin: Bayburt
Age approx. 60-65 years old
Size: 2,00 x 1,40 m

Old handmade and unique item
Order No: Camel 01-0001
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