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Kilims and tribal rugs are fascinating works of art by cultures of Anatolia. The technique of how they are woven or knotted, and the patterns and symbols, offers intriguing insight to understanding their nomadic culture. Kilims and carpets have intense colours and attractive features that make unique interior-design items. Use the website menu to discover more information about kilims and oriental rugs. There are also a various range of beautiful kilim books and helpful buyers guides.

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A kilim (also: kelim in other languages) is a woven rug (flatweave) that is traditionally hand made in Anatolia, the Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa. A particulary characteristic is that the surface of a kelim rug is identical on both sides. It differes from a so called Cicim or Soumak, also flatweaves, but are classified as a differnt category of the orient carpets. The main weaving is the same as you can find on a kelim. But on those there are additional ornaments between the slits or embroided on the surface. These rugs only have one side. See more in "About kilim and Nomadic Rugs" section or choose our web catalogue to view rugs on sale.

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Browse the literature about oriental rugs we recommend on this website. There are a number of kelim Art Books in English and other languages available. For the ones who attempt to buy a kelim there are several buyers guides that offer a lot of help making descisions. A good book for beginners in this field is Alastair Hull's "Kilim - The Complete Guide".

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There a available studios that design kelim accessories that are offered to re-sellers. The wine d écor "kilim VinoDessin" is especially made to wine merchants for offering a unique accessory to their customers. It's a nice way to present wine bottles on display, in exhibitions or at wine tastings. The wine appears culturally influenced and natural. Special prices are available on request.



The idea of decorate rooms with kelim cushions is very old but still enormously decorative. Enchant your rooms and private surrounding with oriental flair. In our catalogue you find a various number of kilim cushions to order.

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The catalogue shows a large number of unique kelim rugs. They are all remarkable and beautiful examples of nomadic and traditional rugs, that are handmade and individual. Each tribal rug has different characteristics of age, condition and region, chosen to be exceptional and interesting.



Patchwork-Kilims are creative handicrafts, where fragments of old Village- and Nomadic Rugs brought together to produce new and unique designers carpets. This allows the aspect of the patchwork-kilims, design elements such as ornaments and size, to be optimally harmonized. A robust fabric is understiched to avoid slipperage. Therefore the rug smoothly lies on the ground. Besides of the kilim there are also orient carpets designed as patchworks.

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An old kilim rug in a country-home or vintage-style with a black background and the center full of roses is mostly woven in Moldova or in some northern parts of Turkey. Though the so-called "Rose-Kilim" is rare most of them are at a semi-antique age and were restaurated with the same technique as oriental carpets. The Rose-Kilim had gone completely unnoticed in the last centuries and has just recently come into a sharp focus. Especially amoung western designers they got very popular. The floral motives and colors of these moldavian rugs mesh perfectly with a country interior design.

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"Hali" is the Turkish name for a knotted oriental rug. Merchants has created a marvellous patchwork design made from old and original oriental carpets. These unique pieces have a high quality processing and are underlayed with a thick and robust fabric. In recent times the patchworks have earned national and international appreciation and triggered a new trend in the oriental carpet industry. Just now the so called "overdied patchwork" or "Vintage rug" has become very popular. With the overdying method the individual patchwork rugs are allover colored and hereby very contemporary and unique tones are used.



See the link for a list of international rug-orientated institutes, museums and exhibitions on oriental carpets, kilims, tribal and turkish rugs, and other textiles. Most of the sites are presented in english language, a few are provided in german. Event-organisers are welcome to submit programme descriptions and venues which will be gladly published.


This is the up-to date kilim catalogue with tribal rugs. It is concentrated on the Middle-East and furthermore on carpets from Anatolia. ”Istek” (Turkish: Desire) stems from curiosity and fascination with art and culture. With a love for authenticity and an eye for detail, a constantly updated collection of kilim and knotted Nomadic Rugs of all ages and price ranges are available. Customers are both individual decorators, and lovers of handmade, ethnographical art. Consideration is made towards visitors enjoying the website. Please mail suggestions, encouragement or any critiques. Stay in touch on Twitter or become a fan on the Facebook page.

The Kilims are assigned to one of the following colors:

Nature | Stone | Camel | Sahara | Terra | Tinto | Olive | Jade | Rose | Aubergine | Taupe | Agua | Brick | Bordeaux | Cafe | Noir

Patchworks are found here: Vintage-Teppiche


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